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ThunderBoy202's staff application

Should i get helper?

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Minecraft Username: ThunderBoy202

What is your age: I am currently 14 years old and will be 15 in a few months

What is your timezone: GMT/BST

What country are you from: I am from Wales which is in the UK

How many hours a week are you able to put into PvPingMC: These times may vary depending on the events i have on these days, it is currently the holidays so you should expect me to have a extremely high hour count due to the fact that i have no school but during the school term it may be decreased due to the facts that i have my GCSE's coming up.
During the holiday's this will be my play time at least:
Monday - 3 - 5 hours
Tuesday - 2+ hours
Wednesday - 3+ hours
Thursday - 2-3 hours
Friday - 2+ hours
Saturday - 5 hours
Sunday-5 hours
Keep in mind this is my play time during the holidays and this may change when the school term comes around

Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions: Yes i have loads of past experience being staff, this is the list:

This server is a factions server where i started from the bottom of the ranks and made it all the way up to co-owner. On this server i encountered many challenges such as people ddosing other people and there being an extremely high number of hackers in our server. These situations mainly only happened when i was helper on the server so all i could do at the time was freeze someone not ban them. I had to wait for higher ranked staff members to get on before we could do anything. One time i kept a guy waiting for 30 minutes due to the fact that he was using an autoclicker in his grinder to wait for an admin. This shows i have great patience skills and this is a key skill to have.

Beast Mode
This is a survival server and i was only ever helper on here i managed to be helper for 3 months and not get promoted due to the inactivity of the rest of the team so i decided to leave this server basically with the fact that i was the only active staff member and couldn't do anything because helper had so little permissions

Fatal PVP
This was another factions server but this was before savage pvp when we had differnet owners. I managed to get helper on the server but got demoted in a couple of days because another helper dmed loads of people on discord and said to report me for being a bad staff the owner looked into the situation for no time at all and just demoted me without listening to what i had said and literally a day after that they shut down the server

Why do you want to become a staff member: One of the main reasons why i want to become a staff member is that i feel like this server could become extremely good but it doesn't have the amount of support that it needs to get to that level, there is no helpers on the server at the moment so when new players start to flood in they will have no advice to how to start and i feel like because i have played on this server for as long as i can remember that i would be good in this role of giving information.
Also i feel like this server should implement new ideas and if i am staff then these ideas would be heard more because i am higher up the ranks and the owners would listen to me more than just a regular player on the server.
Thirdly, i would like to be staff because i really enjoy this server and if i play it everyday i may as well play it while having some sort of responsibility on it.
Lastly, i have loads of key attributes that would help me in this server i am patient, open to people, i have good communication skills, i am friendly and also i have brains which is something that most players do not have(sorry)

Thank you for reading my application,
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