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Suspections Staff Application


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Minecraft Username:


What is your age?


What is your timezone?


What country are you from?


How many hours a week are you able to put into PvPingMC?

10-30 (I work full time as a landscaper)

Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions?

PvPing-MC (Old PvPing)

PvPing-Mc was a good server back in the day. At the time, I was Head-admin beside a female named _Airax. She was a nice person. We didn't necessarily work well together, but we managed. Both her and I basically ran the server for Noah (The owner) This server ran around 500-1000 players. This was all depend on the time of day, or the day our fellow you-tubers WildX, RageTrain, BionicMc, and RoyalMC recorded their videos. I designed the Team speak, promoted and demoted staff, ban appeals, staff applications, bug fixes. I did this all for the fun in getting past time. I enjoy playing the game to an extent, but I like helping players. This server had big potential but I left when I felt is was the right time because of personal issues. I heard the server was being reworked on, good news there. (Roughly 2015-2017)

I also ran the forums pretty much. I set up all the script, formats for pages such as the ban appeal format, Staff application format, bugs and suggestions format, and more. (I still have the raw documents in my hard drive to prove this!)

On a month to month basis while I was here, I updated staff ranks, staff permissions and staff forum permissions with Pex (In Game) and Xen Foro (Forums Provider). I know my way around using permissions but I am of course always open to learning how faithful staff are trained if I am ever accepted!

Things I learned here:
-Pex. (I also know group manager)
-Xen Foro setup / admin permissions.
-Managing a Staff team with 1-3 Other people.
-Dealing with Staff applications.
-Dealing with Ban Appeals.
-Team speak support/assistance.
-Dealing with angry / frustrated mine men.
-Finding bugs in the server and plugins and notifying the developer team to fix them before exploited!
-Learned the basis of factions, skyblock and KitPvP game modes!

KarmaPvP / SwagPvP:
KarmaPvp or SwagPvP was quite an unprofessional server, but it was my first I've ever been staff on. In fact, I was even paid on this server at the time when I had a profession in building. The reason this server was pretty reckless is the way we got players. I was around 13 at the time when we spammed our server IP on bigger networks to get players, and we did massive drop parties of loot. The server on average without drop parties and advertise spamming, ran about 50-75 players. On peaks, we hit around 200. I worked on this server officially as a Co-Owner/Manager and builder for 3+ Years. During those 3 years, I was demoted and re-promoted twice because of drama between the owner. I tried to partake my ownership in the server a little to seriously by making my own plugins, builds, and server/network ideas for the server itself. This server honestly had no potential to go anywhere. Some people on the faithful network today might recognize or remember this server. It is currently down now, which i find a relief because the owner only kept it up for money. For those who may recognize me, my old IGN was "piemaneats." Overall, this server was a great server at the time because minecraft was introducing 1.7/1.8 at the time when minecraft I feel hit its prime!

I was staff on here for a few days. But due to unforeseen circumstances, the anti-cheat automatically banned me. But for the time being, I enjoyed being staff and took about a half's year break after this. I spent a lot of time in the team speak and helped a lot of people who were mostly in need of higher staff ranks. Also spectated a few xrayers and had a couple recordings. (The ban was because I glitched into a block mid recording while recording an xrayer and the anti cheat banned me. they refused to see the video in which I still have....)

Please tell me anyone remembers this server. The original owner was BEAR1121102. Back in around 2013-2014, this server was massive. We ran around 1000-2000 players on average, being on the top of server listings such as,, and many more. All these advertisements were based on bidding for top spots as I presume that's how it still works to this day. Back to where I was involved. I worked up from Helper - Jr mod - Sr-mod - Admin in about a year. The main manager at the time (Kewlkid2) led the server in such great justice. His spirit, enthusiasm, and work ethic kept the server going. He dedicated hours on hours of his life for this server. Events, game modes, giveaways, anything you could think of, he did it. He saw potential in me. I chose to go to this server right after I left KarmaPvP. This server had much more potential. The situation I am going through right now is like me Going from PvPing-Mc and hopefully coming to join the great network that is Faithful-MC! Due to drama, the server was shut down for an unknown reason. I feel as if the owner ran away with all the money. Don't get me wrong, this owner was a great guy, Just like Killa. He does everything for the server in his power to make it the best it can be. He even created a /warp mine for a factions server! This server was almost like a little bit of prison in the mix of factions.

For those of you who may remember this server, my IGN was piemaneats. At one point, I was Co-Owner but I was not quite mature enough to handle the situations at the time since I was only around 15-16. I still find that anyone under 16 can still be quite immature.
I moved to PvPing-Mc From this server as the server shut down. This server was amazing, and the staff team was small, but well qualified, mature and hard working.

Why do you want to become a staff member??

Being a staff member for Minecraft servers in generally is always a goal. It allows me to help those in need rather than just being able to advise someone, as well gives me a new take on Minecraft itself.

Thanks for reading :D (No I don't own another minecraft account)

(Space, you might know who I am :p)