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Staff application

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Minecraft Username: 8el
What is your age? Please note, to apply for staff you need to be at least 13 years old.
I am currently 13 years old
What is your timezone?
My timezone is MST
What country are you from?
I am from the United States of America
How many hours a week are you able to put into PvPCloud?
I can put like 5-6 hours a day in after school but if I wake up early and I start playing I could do upwards of 10 hours a day
Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions?
No, I have never applied for staff before and gotten accepted.
Why do you want to become a staff member??
I want to become a staff member because I love playing skyblock and I'd love to help moderate the server. I find a lot of people that don't follow the rules and I could try my best to block that from happening. I feel I could help keep the server controlled.
Not open for further replies.