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Skyblock 3.0

Hello everyone, on March 14 at 3 PM EST, we will be launching Skyblock 3.0. This reset we've focused strictly on quality and innovation, and it's expected to be one of the biggest resets we've ever had. I would highly recommend hopping on to give this new season a go and letting us know your feedback on it.

Saturday, March 14th, at 3 PM EST
Check here what time release is for you.


Island Top
Winnings will be paid out every SATURDAY (excluding the reset Saturday). Let's jump right in.
Each island will be required to set a PayPal using /is setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top islands each week. BUYCRAFT IS ONLY ENABLED FOR SEASONAL ITEMS ON THE STORE. This means permanent items such as ranks and kits can not be purchased using a Buycraft Giftcard. There is no set map end date, so there will only be information on weekly payouts. The reasoning behind this is that we want to have a balance between casual and competitive players.

First Place - $50 PayPal + Exclusive season winner tag
Second Place - $50 BuyCraft Giftcard + Exclusive season winner tag
Third Place - $35 BuyCraft Giftcard + Exclusive season winner tag


With the revamp of our Pets plugin, we've brought back multiple pets from the previous seasons and introduced a few new ones such as Firework, BB8, R2D2, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Gorilla, Spawner, and Crate Pets. We have also implemented a detailed GUI displaying all of our Pets and their abilities. Lastly, we've fixed all reported bugs eliminating any unfair advantages.

XP Bottle

We have introduced a new calculation system in our XP Bottle plugin which will now allow you to properly deposit and withdraw the correct amount of XP.

Island Top

We've introduced a new calculation system to our Island Top plugin, which will result in islands displaying their correct worth. We have also decreased the worth of all items to be half of the price displayed in /shop. Along with this, we've slightly redesigned the main GUI to give you the ability to view your island regardless if apart of the top islands and add the capability to view other island's values by typing /is worth <name>.​


We're reintroducing Generators as we've fixed a bug that would allow you to dupe spawners. We've also added Iron, Gold, Diamond & Emerald Generators (Tiers 1-3).

Battle Pass

We've fixed a bug that allows you to mine blocks in regioned areas that would count towards your challenge progress.


We have reworked our Outpost plugin entirely to fix a bug that would cause the money multiplier to not work on Collectors and ChestSell. You can also now warp nearby to the Outpost by clicking the item in the GUI.

Custom Enchants

We've fixed a minor bug where Summoners spawned from the Summoner enchant would not despawn. We've also introduced the same calculation system from our XP Bottle plugin.


We're reintroducing dueling as we've successfully patched a dupe exploit that was caused by Chest Shop.

Chunk Collector

We have resolved the issue that caused the Money Pet to not work with ChunkCollectors. We've also reworked collectors to not drop all items when broken which would result in the server freezing up and crashing. Along with this, we've made it to where only the owner of the collector, the person who originally placed it, can break it.

Spawn and Warzone