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Posting Island Recruitment Here Bc Discord Won't Let me

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Before getting into the island recruiting requirements, here are a couple of things about me:

Why Am I Playing Skyblock?
- I am currently enrolled in high school and accidentally picked way too easy of classes for myself, therefore, having too much free time. And what else is there to compose of my freetime then to spend it on skyblock. I could play an average of 3 hours a day on weekdays, 5 or more on weekends.

How Much Skyblock Experience Do I Have?
- I have a solid 3 years of Minecraft skyblock experience, half of which are spent on, on behalf of the previous owner.

Why Pvpingmc?
After trying out a variety of skyblock servers, pvpingmc is still on the top of my list due to its friendly environment, well-rounded gameplay, and much more. I am also a pvpingmc veteran from 2016 so I have a special connection to this server as it is why I failed 8th grade.

Time Zone?
- I live in the western parts of the United States, PST time zone.

Discord: AychenFace#7486

Here are some (adjustable)requirements to be a part of the island:
1. Portal+ rank with a 2+ kits
2. Over the age of 14
3. Can play 2+ hours per day (average)
4. Friendly
5. Have around a year of skyblock experience

6. Active on discord

*Know that all these requirements could be adjusted by simply contacting me and providing a fair explanation of why you could be beneficial to the island without having the set requirements(s).*

*The island payout is based on how much one participates and contributes to the island. The payout is calculated is percentages % and is fairly split.*

If interested or have questions please message me on discord