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**NEW** PvPingMC Staff Application Format (( Please Follow )) Updated: August 15, 2019

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Minecraft username ~

Previous Minecraft usernames? Check on ~

Discord Username ~

Date of the last time you applied for staff? (If not applicable put N/A)~

Timezone and Country? ~

Date of birth, Age? ~

Do you have access to Discord, and a working microphone? ~

Do you have the ability to record? ~

Do you have a screenshotting software such as Gyazo or Lightshot? ~

Why do you want to be helper on PvPingMC? ~

What do you believe that you can contribute to the network? ~

What helps to keep you most motivated within a staff team? ~

Why should we choose you over others applicants? ~

How active can you be on the server? (Estimate Schedule on a Weekly Basis) ~

Have you had any previous experience in any type of moderation? If So, Explain. ~

If you were in a situation where you weren't sure what to do, how would you handle it as a helper? ~

Minecraft Experience/knowledge? (Years) ~

Do you fully understand the concept to our Network? If so, could you be able to provide players with useful information when required?(as well as typical Minecraft knowledge)? ~

Does this application meet the 800 word minimum requirement? ( ~

Anything else you would like us to know. If so, Say it here! ~
Not open for further replies.