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Guide Through Skyblock [Introduction]

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✦ Welcome to PvPingMC ✦
House of the OP Skyblock Realm!

This documentation will be broken into three parts:
I. What is Skyblock
II. Skyblock on PvPingMC
III. Useful Commands

<< I >>

✦What is Skyblock✦
Skyblock as a definition in minecraft, is a world consisting of a lonely island in outer void, the player has to use materials and items
given to him to flourish and upgrade his island to next levels. It's an easy task for some but a challenging and dangerous expedition for
many others, so for unexperienced players, I suggest you take an overall look into skyblock before playing.

✦Skyblock's Purpose✦
On PvPingMC, skyblock is a challenge, many say, or a competition; It's a fight between players for the valuable title of the

<< II >>
✦ What does the top Island Grant players? ✦
One of the benefits of being top island on PvPingMC is the rewards and prizes given to those at the end of each week.

✦Island Number 1✦
50$ USD Paypal

Island Number 2✦
50$ Buycraft Voucher

✦ Island Number 3 ✦
35$ Buycraft Voucher

✦ Why does Non-Competitive Players play also?✦
PvPingMC is a server who's guaranteed to give you a fun and new experience, it's a server with nostalgia for many who played the old pvpingmc.
The server is filled with custom made plugins filling every players time with challenges, missions, pvping, and grinding.

Some of the aspect features of pvpingmc:
✦ Unique PvPing Experience ✦
✦ Custom Spawners ✦

✦ Pets ✦
✦ Koth ✦
✦ CTF✦
✦ Bosses ✦
✦ Mobcoins ✦
Custom Enchants
✦ Custom PvPing Sets and Gkits
✦ Friendly Staff
✦ Balanced Economy

<< III >>
✦ Some Useful Commands to aid you through the Adventures✦

/island » (Start off your island)
/is » Manage your island
/shop » Buy all your needs
/vote » Gain rewards from voting
/rewards » Free reward every day
/crates » Your crate keys
/warp » Different Key warps
/koth » Koth information
/spawn » Various Detailed Info in spawn
/bp » Battlepass
/buy » Purchase items and help out the server
/enchanter » Use your xp to buy CE books
/enchants » See all the CEs
/tinkerer » Convert books into magic dust
(( Magic Dust adds % to the books ))
/mobcoins » View your mobcoins and items available to buy

(( The mobcoins shop changes every 24h ))
/kit » View your kits
/pets » View pets
/masks » View available Masks
/ah » View player auctions
/is warps » Travel to different player island's
(( /is warp *name* » teleports you to a specific island ))
/bal » Check your balance
/xp » Check your xp
/is top » View the top islands
/fix » Repair your gear
/tpa *name* » Teleports you to a friend
/pc » Party Chat
/party » Party info
/msg *name* » Private message
[item] in chat » Shows your item in hand
/printer » For printing in schems


IP OF SERVER: (1.8.8 Is recommended)