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Fve's Mute Appeal


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  • Minecraft Username - Fve
  • Which member of staff punished you? Leeigh
  • Why exactly were you punished? I said 'trides what abt IRL money ;3'
  • Why do you believe the punishment should be revoked? The rules ON THE FORUMS, no such rule in /rules, states 'This is completely prohibited. You are not allowed to trade anything in-game for money on any platform. An example of this would be selling your spawners for PayPal money. This is not allowed, however, you can sell your spawners in exchange for Buycraft items that other users purchase for you. This also includes selling your island top gift cards. If found out, they will just be deleted.' I did say 'IRL money' which I did mean buy craft items, I was about to say "I'll buy a couple of chunk collectors for you", but was cut off when Leeigh muted me. I did not intend as stated in the rule 'PayPal money' which I can not even do because I am IP Banned from PayPal. I did make a ticket on discord, and had a conversation Leeigh, after pointing out that I meant BuyCraft Items and also pointed out I am banned from PayPal, he read the argument, continued to type, meaning he did see the message, then stopped typing, almost as if ignoring me. I do think that if I really meant as stated in the rules 'PayPal Money' the user should be warned first because I had no idea the rule was a thing. I even once messaged Andre and asked how much for abuse and he said '100$', which he was clearly joking, but never told me other uses or IRL money besides the Buy Craft, was bannable. But. no, I do not believe I should have been punished and do think Leeigh should have handled it better. I do NOT think it was professional for him to ignore me on discord tickets, it's his job to sort out the issue, not push it to the side.

  • What platform did this occur on? Minecraft, Forums or Discord - Minecraft
  • What punishment are you appealing? Mute? Ban? Other? - Mute
UPDATE: I wanna start this by saying I did mute evade. I logged on an alt account and evaded it. I get that, it's my fault.
I got on after school today and was able to type in chat, as expected. I typed all day and went afk for like 2 hours. I came back and I went to type in the chat and couldnt. I got muted AGAIN and the reason was 'mute evading' I made a ticket and he told me that he did not just mute me. He muted me yesterday. I clearly was not muted earlier because I was typing in chat. In the ticket I was telling him how it wasn't fair he should of did it yesterday which he said he did, but the time would almost be over if he did it yesterday. I want this off my record and do not want either of these mutes on it. I still do not believe I should of got the IRL trading mute. I know I deserved the mute evade but I only evaded to tell him to check tickets.
Thank you. (After we had the chat the staff, Leeigh (who is admin), said to me 'While you're on the forums read the rules xo' which I find very disrespectful;)
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