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DefineGravity's Staff Application

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Minecraft username ~ DefineGravity

Previous Minecraft usernames? Check on ~

Discord Username ~ DefineGravity#1599

Date of the last time you applied for staff? (If not applicable put N/A)~ The last application was on February 15th, 2017

Timezone and Country? ~ Central, USA

Date of birth, Age? ~ May 22, 2003 16

Do you have access to Discord, and a working microphone? ~ Yes

Do you have the ability to record? ~ Yes I have OBS

Do you have a screenshotting software such as Gyazo or Lightshot? ~ Yes I use Gyazo as my preferred screenshotting software

Why do you want to be helper on PvPingMC? ~ I started off playing Minecraft on a laptop that could barely run servers after about a year I switched to a desktop, during the first few months I was playing on servers I learned to love skyblock and when I saw a video of this cool skyblock server called PvPingMc, I hopped on with my friend and it shaped my experiences on Minecraft because I made new friends that I still have to this day, I tried to become well known within the community because every day I would come home from school and get on. I loved Pvping mc so I was sad to see it die, I recently saw an ad for this server and I thought to my self no way but when I joined and saw it was going to be even better because it had dedicated Owners and staff I knew I had to get in on that and help bring back the server I loved from the beginning and make sure to keep it running the best that we can. So why do I want to be helper because I feel my dedication to the server will have an impact and I would love to make a difference to strengthen the community to how it once was and make it the best server it can be.

What do you believe that you can contribute to the network? ~ Overall I can contribute a lot to the staff team I am very dedicated when it comes to work and when stuff needs to be done I try my hardest to get it done, I can also be laid back because I know if someone is too serious it can take the fun out of the game but I know not to take that too far. I do have outside obligations including school and work but I am good with time management so I will always find a time to be able to get on the server and do my job whether it is staying up late or getting on in the morning. I am also very good with talking to people even if I don't know the person we will always seem to find something in common and be able to get along, that being said I also know the risks of making friends with some people and I know that even if its my friends breaking the rules I know I still need to punish them because nobody gets special treatment just because they are your friend. Another thing is I love to help people and since I did play on PvPingMc during the old seasons I do know the in's and out's of the server and I would try to help anybody who asked for it to the best of my ability.

What helps to keep you most motivated within a staff team? ~ The thing that keeps me most motivated in a staff team is knowing I am making a difference for the players in the end because I know what it's like to be on a server where the staff sit back and don't do anything and it takes a lot of the fun out of playing the server so just knowing I am making a difference even if the players don't see it keeps me motivated.

Why should we choose you over others applicants? ~ Overall I am a hardworking individual that has great communication skills when it comes to others and I am good at making sure that any problems that every problem I deal with always ends fairly. As mentioned in my schedule I am able to be active throughout the week and weekend I will always find time to do my job because that is the most important thing. I am also able to adapt to most situations and make sure the party that I am talking to understands things correctly so their is no confusion when it comes to anything I say. I mentioned before that I had played on the server when noah used to own it and I loved it but when noah ended up with other priorities the server started going down, but the first thing i noticed when I joined the new server is that the owners are engaged with the community overall and I want to be a part of that and that's what makes me want to be super dedicated over all and I know I would be a good fit in with everybody.

How active can you be on the server? (Estimate Schedule on a Weekly Basis) ~
Monday: 3:15 - 10:00
Tuesday: 3:15 - 10:00
Wednesday: 3:15 - 10:00
Thursday: 3:15 -10:00
Friday: 3:15 - 10:00
Weekend: all day
This scheduled can differ because of work but this is the main times I will be on throughout the week.

Have you had any previous experience in any type of moderation? If So, Explain. ~ I have been staff on a few smaller servers but nothing that ever took off the biggest one averaged around 30 to 40 players but soon died out because the owner lost interest. I left all of them on good terms due to my choice or server getting shut down.

If you were in a situation where you weren't sure what to do, how would you handle it as a helper? ~ If I was in a situation where I did not know how to handle it, I would first check to see what other staff was online and ask them for advice to help me learn what to do so if i ever came across the problem again in the future I would know what to do. If it came up that there was no other staff online that I could get a hold of I would record and screenshot and send it to a higher staff for when they get on and I would try to handle the situation as best as I could.

Minecraft Experience/knowledge? (Years) ~ I have been playing minecraft java edition since 2015 but pocket edition long before that.

Do you fully understand the concept to our Network? If so, could you be able to provide players with useful information when required?(as well as typical Minecraft knowledge)? ~ Yes and when knew things come out I try to learn them the best that I can.

Does this application meet the 800 word minimum requirement? ( ~ The application has 1230 words but take away the format and I have a total of 1025 words.

Anything else you would like us to know. If so, Say it here! ~ I know everyone says this but I truly do mean it Thank you for taking the time to read this app I wanted to do the best I could on it If there is anything I need to change please let me know In the comments and I would be happy to change it. - DefineGravity
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I have know this guy for years now and he has been great help. He is great at solving problems when they arise.
He is a person that I am glad that I met years back, he has always made time to help me when I needed it the most.
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