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Clarification (Rank, Factions and Discord)


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Who am I? , If you dont know who I am which is very likely I just used to play here.

Rank: So I have played for a long time now in Skyblock and Factions. The Noah Period, and I was wondering who is currently staff and I was also wondering if I can get my old ranks back as I did pay money at the start, I had Bedrock rank. I also had a look at the G-Kits and I see that I lost mine and they have all changed, is it possible I get my Butcher G-Kit back? I also had 2 personal vaults which would also be appreciated haha.

Factions: I was wondering if Pirate Factions was coming back and if I was going to lose my Kraken and G-Kits too.

Discord: Could I have a updated link to the discord please :)

Sorry about being pedantic ;(
Hello Cuttinq! To address your question regarding staff/owners here is a list:
Owners: SpaceOG, Andre
Admin/Managers: Adow, iiEnder, Leeigh, Hydrants
Senior/Junior Mods: HotundSpicy, ItsEricc, TaptoSearch, J7P
Helper/Helper+: Me, StormRaid, Streaked, and Brendo

Ranks and Gkits:
Since the server is under new ownership, all information regarding ranks and gkits were wiped. However, there are ways to get your ranks/gkits back. In order to do that, you need to join the official discord for the server (attached below) and create a ticket. In the ticket you will need to state your IGN and any form of proof you have of having these gkits and ranks. These can be screenshots, emails from paypal, videos, etc. Player vaults on the other hand are very hard to be given back due to the fact that it is hard to provide proof for them.

Factions is coming out after the release of skyblock. You may have to wait a while if you would like to get back into factions. In order to get your ranks and gkits on factions, you will have to follow the same process as you do for skyblock.


Please let me know if you have further questions. :D