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Ban Appeal

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  • Minecraft Username: Answer: Epsilon2834

  • Which member of staff punished you? Answer: console

  • Why exactly were you punished? Answer: I don't know

  • Why do you believe the punishment should be revoked? Answer: There were a glitch going around in skyblock where people could get billions. They asked in chat if someone wants money and i answerd "why not" what i thought were going to happen is that they would give me like 20k for a starter. The person gave me 20 billion and i was a bit concern about the money. I did not use the money i got from the glitch but tried to put them into 300mil stacks to make a screenshot. When i was doing that my withdraw money was taken out of my inventory before i got consol perma banned. Me and my is members, Leon and toto are upset that i was banned by this for not using the money i got from the guy but a HELPER+ was spending that money like it was chrismas.

  • What platform did this occur on? Minecraft, Forums or Discord Answer: Minecraft

  • What punishment are you appealing? Mute? Ban? Other? Answer:Unban