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✧✧PvPingMC✧✧ Season 1 ChangeLog


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Welcome to Skyblock Season 1

We will be providing updates throughout the season along with what's been changed. We will also be explaining new items that we bring onto Skyblock in full detail, showing you how to use them.

Let's begin!

Spawner Upgrades/Spawner Stacking

We have finally brought back one of the OG Features PvPingMC was known for, Spawner Upgrades! We have a brand new spawner system developed by a wonderful developer ensuring that spawners won’t break this map!

Boss Mobs

Boss Mobs are OP bosses which can be bought from our store ( or won from crates ingame are OP mobs with special abilities meaning they’re hard to beat. Beating the boss mob will reward you with OP rewards which can help your island towards IS TOP!

Capture The Flag Event

Capture The Flag is an event that takes place in the warzone where you have to mine an obsidian block 150x times in order to win the event. In doing so you could win some amazing prizes including, crates, monthly crates, & bosses!


We have added and completely fixed outpost! If you don’t know what outpost are there are 4 capping areas in the warzone. Each capping area will have a different effect if successfully capped! For example, there is a Money Outpost. If capped you will have a money booster for your island until someone else attempts to cap it!

Miscellaneous Changes

✧ Halloween Key/Gkit + Invest Gkit (Added)

✧ Special Kits Now Have Up-To Date Items (Fixed)
✧ Mobcoin Shop Revamped (Added)
✧ Chestshop Confirmation (Added)
✧ Revamped KOTH Loot (Added)
✧ Revamped Economy (Added)
✧ Revamped ALL crates
✧ Added Mobcoin Generators (Added)
✧ Added /autosell (Added)
✧ Plus MANY more features added/fixed!!

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