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  1. DoYouThink

    Guide Through Skyblock [Introduction]

  2. DoYouThink

    New video with Yats
  3. DoYouThink

    Fve's Mute Appeal

  4. DoYouThink

    Tqh Player Report

    Your Minecraft username: DoYouThink Minecraft Username of the player in question: tqh Why do you believe the player should be punished? We were in a call, I said let's 1v1, we 1v1ed and he gave me my stuff back. (Like agreed upon), Then we agreed on another one, and we especially said that...
  5. DoYouThink

    Staff application

    "How many hours a week are you able to put into PvPCloud? " Not gonna say anything else
  6. DoYouThink

    /is name

    As you have seen in that screenshot. It reads &e&l[!] &eIsland &6&nDoYouThink&f &7(#10) You could make a command /is name, what you can change the name to &e&l[!] &eIsland {Custom-Name} &7(#10) {Custom-Name} is the placeholder what is changeable with /is name Because I really wanna name my...
  7. DoYouThink

    BuzzyWuzz Application

    Please use the updated format
  8. DoYouThink

    Safadi's Application

    Great application, I've dmed you on discord that we can discuss on how to optimize it.
  9. DoYouThink

    SavageCactus Staff Application

    But that does not mean you are a good staff member. You need to explain what makes you a good staff member.
  10. DoYouThink

    Happy new years!! For real this time!!

    Happy new years!! For real this time!!
  11. DoYouThink

    SavageCactus Staff Application

    Does this application meet the 800 word minimum requirement? 285 words 1,785 characters I won't even analyze this application based on that.
  12. DoYouThink

    Prenzy's Staff Application

    Gratz on getting accepted!! You deserve it!!
  13. DoYouThink


    Skyblock is already back.
  14. DoYouThink


    PvPingMC is famous because of its skyblock server. They're focusing on skyblock and remember when Factions was at its peak there was Royal & Bionic playing it. Not sure if they can get them back, but maybe. I'm personally waiting for Pirate factions to come back. I was Kraken rank there.
  15. DoYouThink

    Staff Application ~ JessRubyXx

    Pros Can be active a lot Formatting is very well done, but I recommend fixing the word counter. Cons Only namemc link, it would look more professional to list them out and it would add word count ;) Few grammar mistakes. I would recommend using Grammarly.
  16. DoYouThink

    DoYouThink » Staff Application

    Thank you, kind sir. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
  17. DoYouThink

    Helper » ShadowTTOL

    Helper » ShadowTTOL
  18. DoYouThink

    bomberjr122's Staff Aplication

    Pros - The user is a nice guy and has been apart of the network for a long time. ' - 15 year old, so will most likely be mature. - Has been staff member on PvPingMC before Cons - Bolded questions and answers. - Could have listed the previous names - Some questions could have been more...
  19. DoYouThink