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  1. BigBadDropping

    Monthly crate not recived.

    If you have a screenshot, that will count as proof.
  2. BigBadDropping

    Rank Redeeem

    You can receive your ranks and gkits back by creating a ticket in our official discord. (The link will be provided below.) Once you create your ticket in the #tickets channel via -new (title of ticket) you will be asked to submit an IGN and also any proof you have of having those ranks and...
  3. BigBadDropping

    Unban appeal JustEzKillMate

    *Denied* The account Bubbee was clearly yours. It was proven through dupeip and dupeip isn’t broken as far as I know. In addition, you messaged TaptoSearch ingame “who am I” which implies that you were checking to see if he could track your ip. Right after you were banned you messaged him via...
  4. BigBadDropping

    DoYouThink's Ban appeal

    *Denied* The reason you have provided is not strong enough. Not only did you break the server's economy, but we had to spend time figuring out what items were bought through duped money and which ones weren't. You clearly knew that it was against the rules, yet instead of reporting it you...
  5. BigBadDropping

    Ban appeal

    *Denied* You already made a ban appeal and it was denied. Your punishment as of now will expire in 12 days.
  6. BigBadDropping

    SpookySnailify's Application.

    Feedback (not final decision) Thank you for applying! However, at this time I will be giving you a [-1] for the following reasons: There is a lack of detail in your answers and doesn’t tell the admins much about yourself. The application doesn’t meet the minimum word count which is a...
  7. BigBadDropping

    Sizzlers' Staff Application

    My signature is better ;)
  8. BigBadDropping


  9. BigBadDropping

    Merkert´s Staff application

    Please submit a new application using the updated format!
  10. BigBadDropping


    +0.5 Some people don't understand the definition of an "appropriate" name.
  11. BigBadDropping

    forgot how to do this

    I know I already told you, but for anyone who is looking at this thread and doesn't know how to do it here are the steps: 1. Place sign on a chest 2. Type [chestsell] make sure it is centered 3. Exit out of the sign You must have perk in order to do this!
  12. BigBadDropping

    Clarification (Rank, Factions and Discord)

    Hello Cuttinq! To address your question regarding staff/owners here is a list: Owners: SpaceOG, Andre Admin/Managers: Adow, iiEnder, Leeigh, Hydrants Senior/Junior Mods: HotundSpicy, ItsEricc, TaptoSearch, J7P Helper/Helper+: Me, StormRaid, Streaked, and Brendo Ranks and Gkits: Since the server...
  13. BigBadDropping

    OGZxL9PRO's Staff Application

    “God luck” 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏
  14. BigBadDropping

    OGZxL9PRO's Staff Application

    Feedback: Add more details to the questions. One sentence of why you should be chosen instead of others isn't going to help. I would also suggest that you make your application more unique. For me personally catching hackers and finding bugs is too common of an answer. Also, only have the...
  15. BigBadDropping


    Neutral. I would fix the some of the grammar mistakes and capitalize the I’s. I would also add more details that talk more about yourself as a person. Good luck!
  16. BigBadDropping

    Insided by AyoItsYaBoiAddi

    It will be up to the admins to decide that.
  17. BigBadDropping

    Insided by AyoItsYaBoiAddi

    I have told the admins to check it out.
  18. BigBadDropping

    /pay mobcoins

  19. BigBadDropping

    I had a rank when I played a few years back is the link to the official discord server. There will be a channel where you can create a ticket. Please follow the format provided.