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  1. BigBadDropping

    Ban Report on themercenery for mob aura

    IGN of Player Being Reported: themercenery IGN of Reporter: BigBadDropping Evidence: Note: He messaged me after telling me he would transfer his stuff to an alt. I will let upper staff members decide what will happen to him. What Happened: His mob aura is set so that it only activates when a...
  2. BigBadDropping

    BigBadDropping's Staff Application

    Minecraft username ~ BigBadDropping Previous Minecraft usernames? Check on ~ -SuperZombie20 (old) -Brainzeez -superzombie50 -Dropping_You -BigBadDropping -SamHidensDaddy -BigBadDropping (new) Discord Username ~ Dropping_You#5498 Date of the last time you applied for...