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  1. HotundSpicy

    Ban appeal

    This has been resolved, see you in 11 days!
  2. HotundSpicy


  3. HotundSpicy

    Just to remind, I am not a weeb

    Just to remind, I am not a weeb
  4. HotundSpicy


    +1 It's nice to have, maybe have blacklisted rename words? :)
  5. HotundSpicy

    Denied Jdubb7 Staff Application

    Great application! I actually enjoyed reading it!
  6. HotundSpicy

    I am 100% not a weeb

    I am 100% not a weeb
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  8. HotundSpicy

    I'm not a weeb

    I'm not a weeb
  9. HotundSpicy

    Closed Reclaim for Ranks?

    Would this be like the reclaim HCF maps have? A certain amount of keys etc? Or would it be diffrent rewards like spawners or money?