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  1. asdern

    pvp free for all

    a glass dome with a massive pool of lava people pvp on small island on and above the lava. if you dont want to pvp you can spectate and watch the smack down. the last person standing get a pvp master tag and 10 of every key.
  2. asdern

    staff application

    oh i dont have microphone so, so much for becoming staff
  3. asdern

    staff application

    IGN: asdern discord name: asdern age: 30 time zone: Eastern Standard Time country: united states this is the only server i play on yes i know i am weird i was (quot) was a mod when infinity had skyblock the stress from being the only active mod and not turning a blind eye to other staff friends...
  4. asdern

    improve envoy

    envoy has gotten dull even with the custom enchant envoy nothing change. i suggest spice it up bring back keys maybe throw in OP loot so people will rush envoy
  5. asdern

    forgot how to do this

    on skyblocks i used a rainbow key i got the chest sell perk but i forget how to make 1 its been years since i last played