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    ban appeal

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    Bedrock Rank A Couple Years Ago

    Not enough proof they need the receipt from the purchase
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    BirthdayGifts MUST GET DEMOTED

    There are new punishment guidelines to reduce toxicity
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    BirthdayGift's Staff Application

    Thanks buddy same goes for you :)
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    Staff app

    Also, destroing your replies aren't very good for example Why do you want to be a helper on PvPingMC? ~Becuase i fe Doesn't make any sense id go over this one again
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    Staff app

    Not at all hope it goes well for you but still it is not very detailed id say neitheir at the moment but good look to you anyways :D -BirthdayGifts :devilish:
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    Staff app

    You also used the wrong format for the application just click this and this is the correct format. **NEW** PvPingMC Staff Application Format (( Please Follow )) Updated: August 15, 2019
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    BirthdayGift's Staff Application

    Minecraft username ~ BirthdayGifts Previous Minecraft usernames? All my previous in-game names are here (some are very girly as this used to be my cousin's account due to mine getting hacked). 8 BirthdayGifts 15/12/2018 @ 18:38:38 7 ohwinsIsAFatTwig...
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    Staff app

    -1 Look at the others apps and compare detail
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    Mute Appeal

    Thank you very much and i will <3
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    vapoh’s Staff Application

    +1 lots of detail and i think you are well suited for the job :)
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    Chunk Collector Fix

    i agree as i crashed the server yesterday due to accidently breaking my is members chunk collector lmao
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    Mute Appeal

    Minecraft Username: BirthdayGifts Which member of staff punished you? ItsSpaceOG Why exactly were you punished? I Was punished for being toxic towards space by calling him a bad owner and i recall cursing but not very sure, however i was angry being as i had spent $15 a week before and was told...